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Cleveland winter days starting to take a toll….

Head toward University Circle and take advantage of the always free, always beautiful Rockefeller Greenhouse….

Though the exterior grounds are still barren, and few interior plants are yet in bloom, exploration of the grounds will still allow for some amazing traditional and non-traditional snapshots….

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Cleveland Holiday Gift Guide: Snow Days Tickets

Ah…."Cleveland Indian’s Snow Days"………the promise of a wonderland of wintertime adventure!  

Last year, when I heard of “Snow Days” I was floored….

"What a fantastic idea", I said.  "This is going to set Cleveland off the map!"

This iconic idea, the concept, the marketing….. my blood was pulsating with excitement!

I called Nick right away…”We are going to Snow Days,” I said.  ”Nothing, nothing is going to stop me from getting on down to E. 9th Street’s Progressive Field.”

Apparently, “nothing” was overruled by the $28 ticket price.  

Solution…. 2011 Christmas wish list idea!   

There is no way i’m shelling out $28 for ice skating and snow tubing, but I don’t feel nearly as guilty about putting these tickets on my Christmas wish list.

*Great holiday idea for children, your favorite couple, or for your favorite 28 year old trying to hang on to her youth…………..


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