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Look no further for Cleveland’s best Salad and Slice….  

For $5.50, this vegetable/grease duo is available in the heart of Tremont  at Edison’s Pub….  

Not even authentic Chicago deep dish slices fill me up like this combo does….  and when I really want to push my buttons.. (my pant buttons) I top off my meal with some free popcorn dessert … 

Added bonus for the outdoor patio…. hard to pass this up when looking for casual/cheap/delicious summer fare… 

*Sorry lunchers… kitchen doesn’t open till 4:00 p.m. 

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Finally…. achievement of the Triple Crown….

Though I’d dined at Michael Symon’s Lola and B Spot, I hadn’t had the opportunity to hit up Lolita. (I know… I know… how can I call myself a Clevelander……)

Nick’s 32nd birthday was the perfect opportunity to give it a go (and to let go of any residual guilt I’d have for spending lots of money on a meal…)

It was my perception that Lolita and I already had a lot in common - both femme fatales serving as middle sisters…..less formal than one (Lola / Kristen) but a lot classier than the other (B Spot / Brian).

My expectations were on par… What wasn’t was the fact that we’d be able to 1) Get a table bar-side 2) Eat entirely from the Happy Hour Menu 3) Spend a mere $36 dining at one of Cleveland’s largest hot spots.

Though I was more than willing to open my wallet so Nick could score a meal, both our stomachs were totally full from the following: ..

  • Mussels w/ Chorizo, Garlic & Parsley $5
  • Mac & Cheese w/ Chicken, Goat Cheese & Rosemary $5
  • Lolita Burger w/ Bacon & Fried Egg $5
  • Charred Eggplant Dip w/ Homemade Flat bread $5
  • House Red Wine $4 
  • Bulleit Rye $10 
  • *Added bonus for the amazing free bread, dipping oil and friendly waitress

I vote the Eggplant Dip as the front runner but the Mussels slide in at close second. Surprisingly, this meat lover was not a fan of the burger. (English Muffin bun and fried egg were just too much for me) That being said, Nick was a giant, giant fan…. Touche….

*Weekday and late night Happy Hour offerings…

*Well worth the visit!

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Girls Book Club Brunch at Tremont’s new Press Wine Bar….  We may not all have agreed on “Extremely Loud and Extremely Close" but it sure was hard to disagree with the mimosa bar and accompanying food spread….

Though I rarely drop $18 on breakfast, $8 for a Pear Mimosa and $10 for a Mexi Scramble is pretty reasonable for any Tremont dining spot.  

Highly recommended spot to take those visiting out of towners or those die-hard Bob Evan’s Loving parents from Warren….. 

*Saturday & Sunday Brunch from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

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