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When a good pal flew into town last week for a quick visit, I was tasked with showing her all things Cleveland in approximately 24-hours.  

Where to start……. how about the always beautiful, always free Cleveland Museum of Art? …  *Even scored us a free parking meter…. *Thank you Sunday!  

I must admit, it had been quite some time since I last visited the museum………….. While I anticipated that we would ooh and ahh over the Monet’s and Picasso’s, I had not anticipated that we would both be brought to tears as we entered into the Reid Gallery…….Voices that were so indescribably beautiful were literally surrounding us in every direction……  Turns out we had unknowingly walked into the temporary Forty-Part Motet exhibit- (On display till July 7)….  It was by far the most unforgettable art experience of our lives, and one that I certainly haven’t been able to stop speaking about since……….

To top it off, hunger got the best of us and we gave in to the Provenance Cafe…. I was nervous about cost, but to my surprise our luncheon fare was priced completely average and was quite good…. My tomato-mozzarella sandwich / Spinach salad / and tomato bisque combo came in around $7 as did my pal’s Mac & Cheese.   

Lunching in the gorgeous open foyer was another unexpected bonus

Cleveland Museum of Art, you blew this girl away

Readers of this blog post - I highly encourage you to get to this exhibit - it’s truly beyond words….. 

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Cleveland winter days starting to take a toll….

Head toward University Circle and take advantage of the always free, always beautiful Rockefeller Greenhouse….

Though the exterior grounds are still barren, and few interior plants are yet in bloom, exploration of the grounds will still allow for some amazing traditional and non-traditional snapshots….

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Pumped that I braved the cold and finally visited the newly built Cleveland MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art.  Not only did I visit, I made it during “First Saturday’s” which meant free museum entry to all.

*Be sure to pay it forward and drop something in the donation box…

(*Free entry during the first Saturday of the month.  Open 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Metered Parking, but way easier to shell out $2 bucks and park at an adjacent garage.)

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Hollywood Casino Columbus



Going back to my Vegas days, I remembered that cameras inside a casino are a bit of a no-go.  That being said, my snapshots are less than glamorous…. Still, my evening at the new Hollywood casino was quite enjoyable…

  • Free parking…
  • Free beverage centers (non-alcoholic)  
  • Free $10 slot play with a Marquee Rewards Card  (Approx 10 minute sign-up line) 
Over an hour spent playing $0.25 hands of video poker and I ended up short a mere $2.25.    Not a bad way to spend an evening at Columbus’ newest hot spot…. 

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