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Such fun getting to look back over my 2013 New Year’s Resolution Gratitude Jar.

While I definitely failed to jot down each of the special moments 2013 bestowed upon me,  I certainly found time to write down a few interesting ones.  

As far as Nick’s concerned…. He failed to oblige me…. Not a single note of gratitude did he write down…  While I was overly disappointed in his lack of participation, my irritation quickly dissipated as I thumbed through my paper scraps and stumbled upon a little paper crane….  and without any words at all, he stole my heart all over again… 

The gratitude jar was a fantastic Pinterest find, and a one-time resolution that will now be turning into my annual New Year tradition.

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It’s Bethanybethinking’s 2nd Blogaversary!

Wow…. Working an inside sales position while wedding planning means that I’ve been spending 12 + hours a day sitting in front of a computer screen; Swollen fingers, tired eyes, and a whole new unexpected load of stress means that Bethanybethinking has taken quite a backseat…

In fact, I’ve been so incredibly overloaded, that had it not been for Tumblr’s helpful e-reminder, (Thank you Tumblr Support!) I may have completely overlooked Bethanybethinking’s 2nd blogaversary.

But there it was, sitting in my inbox…… “Bethanybethinking….turned 2 today!”

What ensued next was 3 minutes of internal debate over whether it was worth the energy to create a celebratory post…

Still Undecided, I opted to review that very first post that I garnered up the strength to push out 730 days ago…. "Bethanybethinking Today….." , Essentially, an ode to my goal list… a list that I realized has managed to slip away from me….

Didn’t take much motivation beyond that realization…. a few seconds later and I had opted to resurrect this Rusty Blog and began to craft this beauty below….

So without further ado….In True Bethanybethinking style…….. an updated ode to my goal list:

Goals I’ve still failed to accomplish:

  • Learn Rhythm so I can dance
  • Be in a commercial
  • Learn how to cook better to so I’m not afraid of eating raw or undercooked meat
  • Hit up all 50 states
  • Learn how to use my electrolysis machine
  • Finish reading Suzzie Orman’s Young Fabulous & Broke
  • Take a cruise (Check!)
  • Attend a Nudist colony (Stumbled upon one in Indiana but it was December and everyone was clothed - what a disappointment)
  • Ride a Mechanical Bull
  • Pan for Gold
  • Rally at an execution
  • Work to free a wrongly convicted felon
  • Be a contestant on a game show

If you’re thinking that 1 out of 12 is pretty bad, you’re not alone…. I admit, I probably could have found time to pull my electrolysis machine out of the box, but even so, I’ve managed to rack up some pretty good seconds…..

  • Joined a Book Club
  • Threw at a Dunk Tank
  • Met Punxsutawney Phil
  • Took a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Climbed the Corporate Ladder
  • Got my first Designer Hand Bag (It was gift people - I’m still super cheap)
  • Explored the Heck out of Cleveland
  • Went to my first NFL Game
  • Attended The Twins Day Festival
  • Got my first Massage (It was a gift people - I’m still super cheap)
  • Attempted to find something valuable with a Metal Detector
  • Took a Glass Blowing Class
  • Attended a Gay Pride Rally
  • Drank Shiner’s in Texas, toured the Biltmore in Asheville, Studied history in Philadelphia, and hit up Harvard in Massachusetts
  • Managed to fit in Madonna, Jewel and NKOTB
  • Became an Aunt
  • Turned 30 (Continued to breathe)
  • Got a Passport
  • Took a European River Boat Cruise
  • Saw “Starry Night”
  • Had “The Dream” Parisian Engagement
  • Scored one heck of a rock (It was a gift people, I’m still super cheap)
  • And saw one amazing Duck…..

This Year’s Goals….

  • Keep climbing the ladder
  • Upgrade the car
  • Purchase the house
  • Shed for the wedding
  • Marry the Man
  • Maintain the budget
  • Breathe….


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STORE CLOSING ALERT: Dillard’s Euclid Outlet Is Almost Gone

In 1374, English Poet  Geoffrey Chaucer  said ”All Good Things Must Come to an End” ……. or so says in 2013. 

Well English Poet, prophesier, oracle…you were right…. turns out the love-hate relationship I’ve developed with the Euclid Dillard’s Outlet is no more.   

Why just seven short months ago I put out the post: "A Black Hole of Bargains: Discounted Designer Duds Will Suck You Into the Euclid Dillard’s Outlet."     And yet today, I find myself stepping inside those dingy doors one last time……mixed emotions running through me….  

Disgust toward the clothing scattered in complete disarray, annoyance toward the unbearable lines…. dressing room lines…. check out lines….patrons with underwear lines….. 


and yet, vein-pulsing excitement as I make my final score on 3 name brand dresses, each 80% off off the already reduced ticket price   …. 



Total Cost $22.17  

Total Happiness Factor… Incredibly High


Pickings are getting slim, but there are still gems to find….  doors are slated to remain open till September 26. 


May you finally rest in peace Euclid Square Mall.

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