Living Well on Next to Nothing, In Cleveland

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Unlucky 13? Not in my January Recap…..

Another January Has come and Gone, 

Here are my top (13) moments of the month…. (This number was unintentional, though I must admit, the realization of 13 top moments, coupled with the coincidences listed below fueled the title of my post…) 

  1. Bethanybethinking gained 13 followers….. Thank you all! 
  2. Nick and I got free club seats to the Brown’s-Steeler’s game…..My first professional football game! 
  3. I went Snowshoeing in the Metroparks ……Goal List..Check! 
  4. I made a $20 donation to the Mycharity:Water project which will provide someone with clean drinking water for life.  Though a national charity, my donation also helped a Lakewood start-up church meet a fundraising goal. Talk about giving back twofold…. 
  5. Attended the first Ohio City Writers Event held at the Happy Dog.
  6. Dined at Toledo’s Iconic Tony Paco’s, Akron’s Metro Burger and Cleveland’s Brasa Grill, Tratorria and Spice Kitchen & Bar.…….Explains why my pants are tight….  
  7. Hosted a successful Book Club where we discussed my December pick “The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin…….Blog Post to come…
  8. Took my dad to Mountaineer Casino for his 65th birthday where he won $1,350 on a few hands of poker…….Thirteen hundred and fifty dollars……
  9. Attended the Ohio Premier of the Texas Chainsaw Musical! 
  10. Finally learned the difference between a divorce, dissolution and annulment 
  11. Ate lunch outside in near 60 degree sunny weather…in Cleveland!
  12. XYZ The Tavern retweeted my restaurant review.  Thank you @XYZtheTavern image
  13. I won a $25 Outback gift card at the Cleveland Salesforce User Group Session…..which took place on Friday 13th!


Here are my Least favorite moments of the Month: 

  1. There was a murder at my neighbors………..   
  2. Nicks Christmas present, a 90 pound unassembled stainless steel kitchen cart, turned out to be missing the steel…. Watching him repackage the pieces while I sat on the phone with Walmart Customer Service was a real joy…. 
  3. Walmart Customer Service….
  4. I killed a spider
  5. I hit my leg on the stair railing 
  6. Nick’s job took him to Orlando for 5 days, leaving me to fend for myself for dinner… 
  7. The sudden departure of Elyse got me booted out of my fantasy Bachelor League 

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