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STORE CLOSING ALERT: Dillard’s Euclid Outlet Is Almost Gone

In 1374, English Poet  Geoffrey Chaucer  said ”All Good Things Must Come to an End” ……. or so says in 2013. 

Well English Poet, prophesier, oracle…you were right…. turns out the love-hate relationship I’ve developed with the Euclid Dillard’s Outlet is no more.   

Why just seven short months ago I put out the post: "A Black Hole of Bargains: Discounted Designer Duds Will Suck You Into the Euclid Dillard’s Outlet."     And yet today, I find myself stepping inside those dingy doors one last time……mixed emotions running through me….  

Disgust toward the clothing scattered in complete disarray, annoyance toward the unbearable lines…. dressing room lines…. check out lines….patrons with underwear lines….. 


and yet, vein-pulsing excitement as I make my final score on 3 name brand dresses, each 80% off off the already reduced ticket price   …. 



Total Cost $22.17  

Total Happiness Factor… Incredibly High


Pickings are getting slim, but there are still gems to find….  doors are slated to remain open till September 26. 


May you finally rest in peace Euclid Square Mall.

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I might be cheap, but I’m always willing to shell out some moldy money for a good cause or a good city revitalization project……

wasn’t sure what to expect of The Cleveland Flea’s Summer Pop-Up Happy Hour and Dinner Event (held last night in midtown), but after viewing the enticing graphical event artwork on Facebook, I knew I had to get there….

I was too late to the dining game, ($50 tickets to the locally sourced, professionally prepared, 4-course fare…SOLD OUT) but, I did score tickets to the $20 happy hour event which included two stiff drinks, mostly local cheeses and meats and a delightfully fun Slovenian singing band… (*Side Note: Goal List… Accordion Lessons) 

The happy-hour event was held in the back lot of the once abandoned St. Clair “Copper Top” building, and though I love a good outdoor venue, I must admit that I couldn’t help continually peaking inside to get a glimpse of the main dining event… jealousy….. the event looked like it was to be well worth every penny of the ticket price…  

This girl, (and her belly) are anxiously hoping for a Round II……

*Cleveland Flea shopping event takes place today, Saturday July 13 from 10 to 5 at Sterle’s Slovenian Country House….

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