Living Well on Next to Nothing, In Cleveland

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Such fun getting to look back over my 2013 New Year’s Resolution Gratitude Jar.

While I definitely failed to jot down each of the special moments 2013 bestowed upon me,  I certainly found time to write down a few interesting ones.  

As far as Nick’s concerned…. He failed to oblige me…. Not a single note of gratitude did he write down…  While I was overly disappointed in his lack of participation, my irritation quickly dissipated as I thumbed through my paper scraps and stumbled upon a little paper crane….  and without any words at all, he stole my heart all over again… 

The gratitude jar was a fantastic Pinterest find, and a one-time resolution that will now be turning into my annual New Year tradition.

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It’s Bethanybethinking’s 2nd Blogaversary!

Wow…. Working an inside sales position while wedding planning means that I’ve been spending 12 + hours a day sitting in front of a computer screen; Swollen fingers, tired eyes, and a whole new unexpected load of stress means that Bethanybethinking has taken quite a backseat…

In fact, I’ve been so incredibly overloaded, that had it not been for Tumblr’s helpful e-reminder, (Thank you Tumblr Support!) I may have completely overlooked Bethanybethinking’s 2nd blogaversary.

But there it was, sitting in my inbox…… “Bethanybethinking….turned 2 today!”

What ensued next was 3 minutes of internal debate over whether it was worth the energy to create a celebratory post…

Still Undecided, I opted to review that very first post that I garnered up the strength to push out 730 days ago…. "Bethanybethinking Today….." , Essentially, an ode to my goal list… a list that I realized has managed to slip away from me….

Didn’t take much motivation beyond that realization…. a few seconds later and I had opted to resurrect this Rusty Blog and began to craft this beauty below….

So without further ado….In True Bethanybethinking style…….. an updated ode to my goal list:

Goals I’ve still failed to accomplish:

  • Learn Rhythm so I can dance
  • Be in a commercial
  • Learn how to cook better to so I’m not afraid of eating raw or undercooked meat
  • Hit up all 50 states
  • Learn how to use my electrolysis machine
  • Finish reading Suzzie Orman’s Young Fabulous & Broke
  • Take a cruise (Check!)
  • Attend a Nudist colony (Stumbled upon one in Indiana but it was December and everyone was clothed - what a disappointment)
  • Ride a Mechanical Bull
  • Pan for Gold
  • Rally at an execution
  • Work to free a wrongly convicted felon
  • Be a contestant on a game show

If you’re thinking that 1 out of 12 is pretty bad, you’re not alone…. I admit, I probably could have found time to pull my electrolysis machine out of the box, but even so, I’ve managed to rack up some pretty good seconds…..

  • Joined a Book Club
  • Threw at a Dunk Tank
  • Met Punxsutawney Phil
  • Took a Hot Air Balloon Ride
  • Climbed the Corporate Ladder
  • Got my first Designer Hand Bag (It was gift people - I’m still super cheap)
  • Explored the Heck out of Cleveland
  • Went to my first NFL Game
  • Attended The Twins Day Festival
  • Got my first Massage (It was a gift people - I’m still super cheap)
  • Attempted to find something valuable with a Metal Detector
  • Took a Glass Blowing Class
  • Attended a Gay Pride Rally
  • Drank Shiner’s in Texas, toured the Biltmore in Asheville, Studied history in Philadelphia, and hit up Harvard in Massachusetts
  • Managed to fit in Madonna, Jewel and NKOTB
  • Became an Aunt
  • Turned 30 (Continued to breathe)
  • Got a Passport
  • Took a European River Boat Cruise
  • Saw “Starry Night”
  • Had “The Dream” Parisian Engagement
  • Scored one heck of a rock (It was a gift people, I’m still super cheap)
  • And saw one amazing Duck…..

This Year’s Goals….

  • Keep climbing the ladder
  • Upgrade the car
  • Purchase the house
  • Shed for the wedding
  • Marry the Man
  • Maintain the budget
  • Breathe….


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